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Personal AI-powered real estate search & stage recommendation engine makes finding and personalizing homes accessible to YOU AND YOUR CLEINTS.

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You don’t need to do anything special to offer virtual staging services under your own brand.  You simply use our software to stage photographs and sell your staging services or offer the service for free to your clients.

Today’s technology empowers an easier more cost-effective way to achieve the same results as staging, but quicker and at no cost.

SHOWOFF Virtual Staging App creates highly realistic images of a given space by changing such things as:

The First Home Predicting Recommendation Engine

SHOWOFF is the only home search platform that allows for sort by lifestyle.  SHOWOFF’S innovative approach to a recommendation engine focuses on the home search and design style process.   If your clients are;

  • Building a new home
  • Fixing up your existing one,
  • or Buying one


Staging provides obvious benefits but is often out of budget for sellers or listing agents, and not immediately available; not to mention, it may not represent the style of the potential buyer.

SHOWOFF’S powerful AI takes all the guesswork out of finding and designing a home. SHOWOFF analyzes thousands of data points to find the most affordable homes for your client. It allows consumers, Realtors, contractors, and vendors to virtually renovate, remodel or landscape any home right on their screen.

Whether you are here to buy, sell, or explore the options, SHOWOFF provides today’s new wave of clients tools that are not only fun and engaging but truly useful for your home project, search, or sale.

Free home & decor shopping by lifestyle

How SHOWOFF Works For Agents, Teams & Brokers


Consumer Takes the Quiz

In under 3 minutes, they will have completed the Home Decor Quiz developed by Professional Interior Designers. The answers they provide determine the type of home that best suits their taste and preference.

SHOWOFF Discovers Their Décor Style

You and the consumer receive the results of their unique decor profile.  This is key to understanding their preferences and how to navigate luxury brands in a way that is authentic to them.


SHOWOFF'S AI Algorithm

Our AI pulls designer collections from leading luxury decor brands to pick out their best decor and home matches, so you don’t have to browse through pages of homes and decor.

Buy the Lead Profile

After the consumer completes their quiz, you have the option to buy their profile information that contains rich details about their lifestyle home matches, and personal preferences.

3 Types of Lead Profiles

When the consumer schedules a tour of a home that is the first lead type.  The second lead type plans to buy a home within 3 months, and the third is considering a purchase in the future.

AI-Powerful Lead Details

Buyer Data Insights

SHOWOFF is revolutionizing the real estate sales industry through powerful Lead Generation. The stand-alone app or plug-in is easy to install, can be used on company websites, individual agent pages, or Virtual Tours – and is a powerhouse lead generation tool.  SHOWOFF connects agents, brokers, franchises, title and loan officers, remodelers, paint suppliers and furniture brands with buyers.

SHOWOFF’S AI-Powered Engine generates a customized and personalized buyer-enhanced profile that includes their interior style and home preferences, it qualifies them, makes initial contact, saves their favorite designs, and in early testing is generating up to 50 Buyer Profile Leads per week for agents and real estate companies.

Lifestyle Insights

Whether you are a home buyer, broker, or real estate agent, the insight data collected is powerful.  SHOWOFF’S enhanced buyer details qualify the prospect, determine their buyer power, where they are in the process, what the buyer wants in a home, the location, and price they are willing to pay.

More Marketable Listings

SHOWOFF is more powerful than traditional virtual staging, as a website or powerful plug-in agents and buyers can completely stage and decorate any room of any property instantly.

Powerful Buyer Lead Details

Higher Buyer Retention

SHOWOFF provides the perfect real estate and design venue in which to engage buyers.  SHOWOFF discovers where they are in the sales process and helps real estate professionals close the sale faster.

Overcome Objections Instantly

Agents and their clients can utilize the free app to upload photos of their own home to plan personal renovations, or start with a home for sale, capturing consumer attention for an average of 15 minutes a visit from the comfort of their dining room tables.

Features Professionals will Love

This visually stunning software combines the high-end graphics and photo quality that consumers demand with a vast portfolio of customization tools, personalized luxury decor libraries, and online staging tools guaranteed to keep real estate professionals on the top of their game.

home & decor shopping by lifestyle

How It Works

SHOWOFF displays an IDX or portfolio of photos and listings uploaded by the Realtor that includes a description of the listing, its location, attributes, and MLS number. As buyers browse smart-matched homes they can populate their favorite listings with furniture, landscaping, or décor from over 23 home and garden categories. Not only that, agents can enable the powerful “One Click” capability to allow their prospects to instantly transform an element. For instance, with the click of a mouse they will be able to change the flooring or upgrade the cabinets; allowing someone considering a fixer-upper to turn it into their dream home – and see the dramatic potential results – instantly.

Your custom SHOWOFF Free Staging Center will be the hub for your company’s branding & staging platform.  Each Staging Center is designed around your brand with unique URL’S.  The staging webpage which drives the program is a stand-alone app or can easily be used on company websites, individual agent pages, marketing brochures, or Facebook pages – and is a powerhouse lead generation tool. 

Launch Your SHOWOFF AI Website


Consumer Takes SHOWOFF’S AI Home & Decor Quiz 
Recommends affiliate Decor Websites, Listings and Paint Suppliers
Notifies Agent of user registration using SHOWOFF AI platform
Agent Purchase Consumer Registration and Profile Data


We Make it Easy to Connect With Consumers On Every Platform

Add SHOWOFF plug-in to your current website, social media and marketing materials.  Members receive an IDX website complete with SHOWOFF’S home & decor recommendation engine and personalized storefront.


Brokers New Advantage Over Their Competition

Brokerages are using SHOWOFF as one of their prime recruiting tools.  Top area agents recognize immediately the incremental value and service that the application brings to their client base – and how it will radically differentiate them in the new online real estate marketplace.  Agents win listings because it assures sellers that prospective buyers can virtually update any property, allowing them to visualize their new home.  It is simply powerful. 

Luxury Furniture Product Library

image tagging, room name and image description

SHOWOFF AI Design Recommendation Engine

SHOWOFF adds the most sophisticated AI engine to photos. In seconds, SHOWOFF ingests listing photos using proprietary machine learning by breaking each photo down into its unique digital thumbprint, which is made up of over 600 visual data points such as unique structure, ceiling heights, color, design, and layout.

Every image within the SHOWOFF system is tagged by the AI with detailed descriptions so you can search for properties the way you might search for something in Google. For example, you can search for listings with a kitchen that has an island, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and a skylight. This makes it a million times easier for you to eliminate all of those properties that are nothing like a property you would be interested in; saving you a ton of time and frustration.

Standard MLS Listing Image without image description

Images Powered by SHOWOFF with rich image captions


Well lit kitchen with natural light, high ceilings, an island sink, electric range, wood cabinets and light wood floors.

Example of an Image Caption

SHOWOFF AI auto-describes your images and displays the text.  There’s an option to listen to the text read. 

For superior SEO and ADA compliance paste the image captions into the alt-text section of the website. 

SEO Capabilities

Experience The Next Generation of Home Design

Whether you are a realtor looking to stage a vacant home, a vendor looking for a new channel for your products, or a homeowner contemplating a new look – we invite you to meet us in our new storefront, shake a few hands, meet like-minded professionals and consumers and experience the next generation of home design for yourself.

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