Why Homematch?

Helping every agent and broker succeed.

Our story starts with you.

Our A.I. intelligent solution helps real estate businesses find the right properties and gives you the
tools to build stronger relationships with your clients for a better experience throughout the housing journey.

5 fun ways to perform a lifestyle search

More buyers than ever start their home search online, which means providing a fun, simple way
to find a home is more important than ever before. Homematch by Showoff ® connects agents with
homebuyers through a stunning interface that presents homes at their finest.

By Photo Similarity

Upload visual inspirations of a home living space and instantly be matched with properties.

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Social Media Photo

If a buyer finds a kitchen on Facebook that they swoon for, they can find a home with one just like it.

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Sentence type features

Innovative technology automatically identifies home features such as floor finishings, wood cabinets

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Architectural Style

Select from 20 different architectural styles of homes to find a style you like.

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Search from a searched picture

Run a new search from a property listing found to define the search even more.

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Homematch staging can personalize any listing picture

Room Tagging   

Homematch Identifies and extract details from pictures and videos. Details found are marked in the picture.

Object Removal   

Give yourself a blank canvas with easy removal of unwanted objects such as trees, lighting and furniture at a touch of a button.

Shoppable Furnishings   

Be your own interior designer with the use of drag and drop landscapes, decor and real furniture you can purchase in store.

Paint a wall   

Visualize your future home the way you want and virtually custom paint the walls in any room while selecting from a wide range luxury palette.