AI-Similarity Search

AI-Homematch Similarity Search finds homes that matter in seconds while eliminating property that does not.

Similarity searches are used to narrow down property by size, neighborhood, number of bedrooms, and more. Searches typically take 45 seconds to compile top properties that match based on a percentage score.

AI-Home Search in 3 easy steps


Tap any room displayed.


Virtual Stage the new listing.


Set up a live or video tour.


AI-Technology — Inspirational Photo — Similarity — Features — Architectural Style

Homematch AI Search Options

Visual Similarity AI-Search

Use AI Similarity and instantly be matched with properties showcasing similar living spaces based on their MLS photos.

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AI - Home Features

Select features you want and instantly be matched with properties showcasing similar living spaces based on their MLS photos.

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Inspirational Photo

Inspirational and real-time photos of desired properties can be uploaded to swiftly identify all similar properties currently available on the market.

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Architectural Style

Reduce guesswork and utilize interior and exterior architectural property accuracy styles from modern to Victorian in one powerful search.

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Three main highlights of the Homematch AI-Search feature

Integration with MLS and IDX

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, AI-Search integrates directly with MLS listings, stacking with brokerage web pages and applications for both client and realtor usage.

AI-Search provides an additional way of presenting a property

Users can upload inspirational photos or use visual style tags to create accurate searches that predict top-ranked home listings for the specific requests. AI-searches can be used in addition to typical filters to narrow down property size, neighborhood, number of bedrooms, and more.

AI- Search and Stage across the globe

Innovating the next generation of real estate, AI-Homematch creates personalized and impactful experiences for home buyers providing them the opportunity to easily search from anywhere in the world and custom stage properties, leading to faster home sale cycles for agents and happier clients with their dream home.

Designed to work

Homematch for real estate professionals pairs elegantly with any digital marketing campaign. Visitors become leads in a snap.
Integrates directly with MLS

Homematch shows off listings using IDX or API. Both establish a data connection between your website and the MLS, imports listings, adds AI proprietary data processing then displays them inside Homematch . The listings are updated every few hours, so your audience always has access to the most recent listings and can contact you for information about the available properties.

New and old filters work together

At Showoff, we’re always thinking about ways to make the home-buying and selling experience faster, easier and better. Speed matters in today’s record-fast housing market. Allowing searchers to instantly narrow their results to only the homes that meet their criteria saves time and effort, so buyers can act fast and book a tour when a promising home hits the market.

Add Homematch to your web, app, marketing, social

The more useful your website is for your buyers, the more leads your site will generate for you. Homematch is designed for home buyer usage, you can embed Homematch as a widget in your existing site or web app or it can be configured to open as a standalone app using an html button or hyperlink.

Pre-Lead, Post-Lead Interaction

Buyers engage far longer and much more seriously than traditional MLS searches. That attraction helps convert the buyers more powerfully. Homematch captures potential buyer’s contact information, make the initial contact with them, saves their search and which homes they want to tour.

Ways Homematch can help

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property search system

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