Can your agents
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We're not just a beautiful IDX app. We know how to turn
prospects into buyers. Leads from Showoff's Homematch are
stronger than referral leads.

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Introducing Showoff's AI Cloud Ecosystem we call Homematch

Three separate platforms that seamlessly work together to create a one-of-a-kind lead generation app. We've developed the technology that will bring on the prospects, does your team have the discipline and willingness to follow through and close deals we generate? If the answer is yes, then Homematch is for you. Let's look at the three components that make up the ecosystem of Showoff's consumer driven platform.

A.I. Driven Lifestyle Search

Homematch reduces the agents search time by 90% with accurate searches that take less than 45 seconds. AI filters improve the search experience and support our mission to help customers make better buying decisions.

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A.I. Interactive Listing Detail Page

Homematch is more powerful than traditional virtual staging, as powerful widget, agents and your buyers can completely stage and decorate any room of any property and even purchase the furniture from that design thanks to our integration with hundreds of retailers.

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Live CRM & Analytical Data

Homematch captures potential buyer’s contact information, makes the initial contact, saves their search and favorite designs, sets up a tour time and in early testing is generating up to 50 powerful high-quality leads per month for agents and brokers.

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Take a look at how we capture prospects and turn them
into buyers by using a personalized experience.

Think like Zillow

By incorporating Homematch Lifestyle Search and Staging into your webpage
and social media your capable of competing for home buyers just like
your competition.

Picture Similarity

Homematch reads the picture to find similar homes that match.

Social Media Similarity

Search on that perfect picture found on social media.

Feature Search

Now you can find homes with features you've always wanted.

Architectural Style

Find your dream home by realizing what style you like.

Search inside & outside

You can always change your mind and search on a search.

Designed to work together.

Our Widget for real estate professionals pair elegantly with any digital marketing campaigns. Visitors become leads in a snap.
Integrates directly with MLS

Homematch shows off listings using IDX or API. Both establish a data connection between your website and the MLS, imports listings, adds AI proprietary data processing then displays them inside Homematch. The listings are updated every few hours, so your audience always has access to the most recent listings and can contact you for information about the available properties.

New and old filters work together

At Showoff , we’re always thinking about ways to make the home-buying and selling experience faster, easier and better. Speed matters in today’s record-fast housing market. Allowing searchers to instantly narrow their results to only the homes that meet their criteria saves time and effort, so buyers can act fast and book a tour when a promising home hits the market.

Add Homematch widget to web, app, marketing, social

The more useful your website is for your buyers, the more leads your site will generate for you. Homematch is designed for home buyer usage, you can embed Homematch as a widget in your existing site or web app or it can be configured to open as a standalone app using an html button or hyperlink.

Pre-Lead, Post-Lead Interaction

Buyers engage far longer and much more seriously than traditional MLS searches. That attraction helps convert the buyers more powerfully. Homematch captures potential buyer’s contact information, make the initial contact with them, saves their search and which homes they want to tour.

Ways we turn a prospect into a buyer

Select a feature below to learn more about the functionality, how it works,
and how Homematch can work for you.
Our Listing Detail Page
can't be compared

Select a feature below to learn more about the staging functionality, how it works,
and how our Homematch staging tools can be used on every picture of every listing.

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Homematch staging can personalize any listing picture

Room Tagging   

Homamatch Identifies and extract details from pictures and videos. Details found are marked in the picture.

Object Removal   

Give yourself a blank canvas with easy removal of unwanted objects such as trees, lighting and furniture at a touch of a button.

Shoppable Furnishings   

Be your own interior designer with the use of drag and drop landscapes, decor and real furniture you can purchase in store.

Paint a wall   

Visualize your future home the way you want and virtually custom paint the walls in any room while selecting from a wide range luxury palette.

Buyer Analytic Reports

Make business decisions backed by data.
Live Data Analytics

Easy-to-read detail reporting for all your activity. Desktop and mobile notifications send a text message when there's activity.

Homematch Widget Code

Homematch can be embedded as a widget in your existing site or web app. It can also be configured to open as a standalone app using an html button or hyperlink

Heavy Search Lifting

Homematch offers even more power search filtering you are used to. Access the expanded search option to find more search fields.

10% off Shoppable Furnishings

Interior furniture, décor, lighting shoppable catalog built-into Homematch offers agents and brokers a discount when items are purchased directly from Homematch widget or dashboard.

More Dashboard Details