ShowOff’s VS+ an AI-powered search bar that innovates the home buying process for realtors and creates impactful experiences for their clients through visual search and virtual home staging.

With real estate agents and brokerages utilizing ShowOff’s VS+ Visual Search Button, they provide a premium home shopping experience to their clients like none other.  Agents can easily upload their client’s dream home photos or upload inspiration images from social media to find similar properties with certain features such as room styles, home features or even architectural style.

Agents can easily make personalized experiences accessible to their clients through the real time, VS+ website widget and apps with features including multiple AI searches, room mapping, virtual touchups, shoppable furnishings and even custom paint.


The product offers every possible efficiency within the real estate space from searching homes on the MLS as unique as the buyers searching them, to discovering key home features and exploring real time home stagging based on client style. The all-in-one easy-to-use solution also drives a higher SEO, resulting in higher lead generation.

With brokerage efficiencies in mind, the product is customizable to each agent’s business needs covering everything from customizable business policies, branding, and pricing while stacking directly with existing web pages and applications to reduce the average home search time from 40+ hours to a few seconds.

AI is now possible and affordable.  We’ve created the datasets and trained millions of MLS listings so you can offer a new search option that’s guaranteed picture-perfect results.

Introducing ShowOff’s AI powered Visual Search App called VS+.  Leveraging cutting edge technology, VS+ can be stacked with existing brokerage and realtor web pages and applications with a simple button for internal and client usage that is shown to reduce costly search times from 3 months to a few minutes each with each accurate search taking 45 seconds.



For the first time ShowOff’s VS+ transforms a simple search engine to a tool that understands you.  The first Visual Search button that transforms the typical search box to a personalization experience that learns the types of criteria you’re looking for and recommend homes based on that.


Room Mapping

Always know what room you’re viewing and staging with automatic mapping and labeling of rooms.


Multiple AI Searches

Filter visual searches by multiple categories including exterior architecture, interior design and home features to find your dream home in seconds.


Visual Search + Filters

Quickly find homes in your desired square footage, neighborhood using a filter and save time searching with the addition of virtual search categories like architectural design and style.


Touch Ups

Give yourself a blank canvas with easy removal of unwanted objects such as trees, lighting and furniture at a touch of a button.


Shoppable Furnishings

Be your own interior designer with the use of drag and drop landscapes, décor and real furniture you can purchase in store.


Custom Paint

Visualize your future home the way you want and virtually custom paint the walls in any room while selecting from a wide range luxury palette.

Create stress-free, personalized home shopping experiences for home buyers that have them coming back for all their real estate needs.

Reduce Search Time

Reduce the amount of time agents search through MLS listings by over 90% with accurate AI-powered searches in 45 seconds or less.

Maximize Revenue

Maximize earnings with accurate visual searches and virtual home staging that allows for true visualization of the space and faster closures.

Soon you can try VS+ Visual Search for yourself.  Signup below and we’ll make sure you get a message when VS+ demo is live.


Lead innovation within your market with a competitive advantage of minimizing staging and resource costs while improving home buyer experiences that sends new buyers your way.


Manage hours of search time in minutes with accurate AI-powered searches that proactively identify what features and styles a home buyer is looking for, leading to shorter sales cycles and maximize sales opportunities.

Home Buyers

The ultimate personalization of prospect properties that provides flexibility and accuracy for those with difficult schedules and international investors.

VS+ Search Summary

Visual Search

Complete accurate visual image searches or upload inspiration photos from social media to locate homes that match style and finish preferences.

Virtual Staging

Instantly add personality to any home at the click of a button, selecting from an extensive catalogue of on-trend furnishings that can be shopped from major suppliers.

Try VS+ Virtual Staging for yourself!

Coming Soon

Leveraging AI-powered technology VS+ provides in depth search capabilities that save time, maximize revenue cycles and create impactful experiences for clients.


Text and Sentence Search

Text-based search accepts elegant sentence type searches.  It’s a lot like searching for something on Amazon or Google.

Room Mapping

AI-technology correctly maps and labels interior and exterior rooms reducing time spent browsing listings for specific room types.


Architectural Style

Reduce guesswork and utilize interior and exterior architectural property accuracy styles from modern to french classic in one powerful search.

Photo Similarity

Inspirational and real time photos of desired properties can be uploaded to swiftly identify all similar properties currently available on the market.

Home Features

Innovative technology automatically identifies home features such as floor finishings, wood cabinets and marble counter tops compiling an accurate series of matching properties based on search criteria.

Users can upload inspirational photos or use visual style tags to create accurate searches that predict top ranked home listings for the specific requests. Visual searches can be used in addition to typical filters to narrow down property size, neighborhood, number of bedrooms and more. Searches take 45 seconds and compile top properties matching visual search and filters with a percentage ranking.

Property matches can be virtually staged to help users envision the space. Utilizing tools including room mapping,  touch up removals of unwanted fixtures, furnishings and landscaping as well, the ability to add shoppable furnishings to maximize personal visualization of space.

Realtors can easily view client home searches and proactively expedite closures with less resources spent in the search period. Clients enjoy a virtual stress-free, home search experience that keeps them returning for all their real estate needs.

Enterprise License – VS+ use for high-traffic websites, SaaS integration, analysis.  Contact us for custom terms and pricing.  888-773-4426 or [email protected]

Can Agents in my office use VS+

Yes, agents in your office are free to add our VS+ on as many websites as they like. We do not place any restrictions on how many times they can add VS+ or use it, nor do we limit the number of domains that they can install our VS+ on.

What is your refund policy?

We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will cancel your account right away. We do not offer refunds, so payment received is not refundable. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy member.

What is a picture upload and are there limitations?

Picture uploads are the inspiration or pictures that are uploaded by the agent, broker or home buyer to create the image similarities search. They can be uploaded through the My Files and Facebook option and prove very useful for customers wishing to search for similar listings in their area.  The acceptable file formats are .jpg and .png up to 10MB in size. 

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. When you log in as a “Admin” subscriber, you will see a notice regarding your current package and instructions on how to upgrade.  By upgrading the number of agents and uploads increases.

An alert is sent to you when you have reached the 75% threshold.  We recommend you upgrade to the next level at that time. 

Can I use VS+ with

Yes, VS+ does allow the use on WordPress websites.  Simply add a button above or below the search bar.  Link the unique VS+ code to that button.  Here’s an example of a button that can be placed on your website.   If you would like to use our pre-designed Visual Search button click here to download.   

Why use the VS+ Dashboard?

If we have the IDX feed from your location we will also have the agents names in your offices.  You have access to the agents from inside the Admin panel of your dashboard. 

Each agent will have a unique VS+ code.  Share that code with the agents so they can add it to their personal websites,  Facebook page or any other marketing platform.  The Dashboard provides all the saved data and activity on each of the VS+ agents websites.

Can I add VS+ to social media and other marketing materials?

Yes.  Your licence allows unlimited locations to place VS+ App.   

What happens if I transfer to a new Brokerage Office?

If a broker has provided you with a VS+ license than that license must remain with that broker.  If the new brokerage office does not offer the service, a individual license is available.

My Broker signed up but I don't have a license

We offer 4 different broker packages.  Each package provides a number of licenses for agents.  Please contact your broker for VS+ access.  

Can you add Vs+ link to my webpages?

Yes, we have additional services that include, website development, VS+ Search Button, Adding VS+ to Facebook.  Please contact us for pricing and instructions. 

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